2022 Session 1 Summary Report on Christmas Holiday and New Year Resolutions

  • Itsekiri NextGen Project: 2022 Session 1 Report 
  • Date: Saturday 15/01/2022 
  • Volunteers Present: 7
  • Total Number of Attendees: 54
  • Timings: 9am  – 1pm
  • Venue: Former Caravan 4, Aji Pessu, Warri
  • Main Topic: Introductory session for 2022; Breaking the ice with participants 
  • Resource Person: Itse Mirabel Ukunbeyinje

Summary of the session

The first session of 2022 was a welcome back session from the Christmas holiday. Participants were excited to be back as they were told of the exciting, educating and inspiring programs already prepared  for them this year. They were reminded of the ground rules put in place to put them in check.

They clearly struggled to hold back  their excitement as   they shared with us some of the details of how they spent their Christmas holiday. Some of the participants had traveled to their paternal and maternal villages for the Christmas holiday. A good number of them did not travel but still enjoyed every bit of their holiday in warri by attending various Christmas parties, and explored every opportunity to see Santa Clause and others.

  • Students learning in Warri

Some of the participants did well to read new books and learn new vocabulary. One of them read a book titled The beautiful season. Another participant read a book titled The wise choice. The new word this participant learnt from the book was “contentment”; which means to be satisfied. Another said she read a book titled Chioma and the dancing competition. 

 As the tradition is at the turn of the new calendar year,  people tend to make new year resolutions to show commitment  to do away with bad habits and pick up good ones. Our participants were not left out as they shared some of their  2022 new year resolutions with us. Here are a snipet of some of the resolutions made by the youngsters;

  • Some of the participants said they have resolved to saving any money they will be given this year to assist their parents.
  • A few of them said they had resolved to do better with their studies this year.
  • Others said they would help in assisting their parents and siblings in doing more house chores. 
  • A female participant shared that  her resolution is to change her behavior from hurting others with demeaning words and actions because after doing that, it makes her feel bad too. 

It was refreshing to see that our youngsters are reflecting on how they lived in 2021, and making wise decisions and resolutions to improve themselves and the outcome of their lives in 2022. 

 A touching new year resolution was shared by a 13 year old girl. She wishes to return back to school this year as she has stopped school in primary two. The Itsekiri NextGen team will be following up with this girl, to pick up and  provide necessary support for her 2022 resolution. 

Other key activities during the session

The Itsekiri NextGen team has also resolved to continue to inspire and nurture our ever eager  participants with a robust and inspiring program for 2022. We have already taught them leadership and team spirit in previous sessions. We have decided to bring to them practical demonstrations of these concepts. The 54 participants were divided into four groups. The groups will be assigned different colors and named after the last four Olus of Warri Kingdom. 

Three people were chosen from each group as prospective leaders. Each of them will have to come back with their manifesto next session to tell their group members why they are fit to  lead them. There will be an election for the leadership position of the groups at the end of next week’s session with winners emerging. Each group would have a volunteer to help guide the activities of the different teams. 

The Itsekiri NextGen team also informed the participants of the already developed plan to help improve on their literacy skills. Boxes of books will be made available to the participants. They are able to borrow from this library and read. There will also be a a session focused on literacy where each team will be assigned a book to read and share what they have learnt at the next session. 

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