2022 Session 40: ICT Session and One year anniversary

  • Itsekiri NextGen Project: 2022 Session 40 Report
  • Topic: ICT session/ One year anniversary 
  • Date: Saturday 22/10/2022 
  • Volunteers Present: 6
  • Total Number of Attendees: 90
  • Timings: 9:00am – 1:00pm
  • Venue: Former Caravan 4, Aja-Pessu (Pessu Town), Warri
  • Resource Person: Weyinmi Igbineweka


Itsekiri NextGen stormed Pessu community with a vision to transform the young ones with five core mandates to become a better generation this time last year. Everyone was excited to mark the one-year anniversary alongside the ICT session.

Session Delivery

Everyone was present at the 40th session with feelings of excitement as it was Itsekiri NextGen one-year anniversary.  The participants wore their customised T-shirts and sat according to their team.

The three minutes video done to mark the one-year anniversary was projected to the participants. They were all excited to see themselves in the video.

A participant who has been in the programme from inception and has been consistent was asked to come up for the opening prayer and Besife Etuwewe came up as he fits that description. After which Mitchell Tuedor raised the Itsekiri anthem and others sang along with her.

Uwala Tedeye the project coordinator came up to announce officially that it was Itsekiri NextGen anniversary and shouts of celebration were heard from the four corners of the hall. 

All those present at the first session and still in the programme were called out and appreciated. They didn’t fall off the way, as the programme has been impactful to them. They have been exposed to so many things that are not in their school curriculum, and their confidence level has risen tremendously.

Weyinmi Igbineweka who was the facilitator of the day came up to anchor the session properly as he was prepared to take them on some introductory part of ICT. This is so because ICT is broad and will be done continuously in subsequent sessions. 

He thought it wise to take them on the basics of computers before going into computer language, programming and coding. This is to make participants conversant with computer terms.

He taught the basic components of hardware and software.

  • Hardware is the parts of the computer that can be seen and handled. E.g. mouse, CPU, keyboard, hard drive etc. He practically showed them an external hard drive and  explained the difference between it and a power bank as some mistook it for a power bank. The external hard drive is used to house information.
  • Software is things inside the computer that gives command to the computer.

A cartoon video was shown to the participants to that effect. This is to drive home these points.

Obviously the external hard drive is limited. In its stead, dropbox, Google Drive which are software are better off.

Weyinmi Igbineweka promised to teach the participants how to design a website and make them design one for Itsekiri NextGen where information about the organisation, photos of the volunteers and events can be gotten. They will also build a cartoon website, the best group with creative ideas will get gifts.

A website is an online space/office where one can get information about an organisation or a body. A website is also a software

With the knowledge of what hardware and software is one can be able to build a website. 

The computer has both positive and negative sides. It should be used for the good of mankind because its influential power can get one addicted to fraud which comes with grave consequences of being imprisoned for 21 years.

Key activities during the session 

Mr.Emmanuel Egbe anchored the feedback session.  This session is to make some participants come out to boldly tell how impactful the Itsekiri NextGen project has been to them.

Happy Omomehin ,Mariam and Moyowa Pessu  represented team Ikenwoli.

Besife Etuwewe and  Kelvin represented team Atuwatse II

Mitchell Tuedor represented team Erejuwa II

Jolomi Praise Alagba and Anita Omatsone  represented team Ginuwa II.

They are grateful for the programme brought to their doorstep to transform them to be better people in society. 

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