2022 Session 46: Anti-Cultism and Anti-Corruption Day

  • Itsekiri NextGen Project: 2022 Session 46 Report
  • Date: Saturday 3/12/2022 
  • Volunteers Present: 5
  • Total Number of Attendees: 56
  • Timings: 11:00am – 1:00pm
  • Venue: Former Caravan 4, Aja-Pessu (Pessu Town), Warri
  • Resource Person: Justice Tuoyo Affoh / Uwala Tedeye


The 46th session was divided into two sessions. The first was anchored by an external facilitator Mr. Justice Tuoyo Affoh who spoke on cultism and drug abuse. The second session was on anti-corruption and was anchored by Uwala Tedeye and Itse Mirabel Ukubeyinje.

Session Delivery

The session began with an opening prayer by Uwala Tedeye then Tsolaye raised the Itsekiri anthem and others sang along with him.

After a quick recap of the previous session, Mr. Justice Affoh Tuoyo who was present with some members of his team took over the session. He came adorned in an anti-cult jacket.

Though we have talked about drug abuse in our previous session, we thought it wise to invite an official who fights these vices legally.

Mr. Justice made it clear to the participants that cultism and drug abuse are all shades of bad which seem to be rampant in our society. These are two vices that are inseparable because most cultists are into drugs.

The participants were made to know that they can report anyone who wants to lure them into these social vices to Mr. Justice and his team as they work closely with security agencies as well as community chairmen and executives. If they seem too far, they can report such acts to the Itsekiri NextGen team, who will further take it to the authority in charge of such cases.

He made them know that those involved in these social vices do not live peaceful life. Drug addicts depend solely on drugs to give them the boldness to do things that one can do ordinarily, including to sleep. While those involved in cultism are always scared. This is because they think their rival cultists or police might be anywhere close. 

The participants engaged the external facilitator with some mind-blowing questions. He was impressed with the type of questions coming from these young minds and gave them the right answers accordingly.

Animated videos titled ‘Corruption Wahala and Say no to Corruption were projected to the participants. This was done to portray how corruption has eaten into the fabric of our society and its negative effects. 

The participants saw the video of how students failed in school because they refused to be corrupt by giving money to lectures. Also, a minister in a country gave out licences to pilots, chefs and medical licences to people who were not qualified. This was because he was bribed. The minister was flown in an aeroplane by a quack pilot who almost got him killed in a crash. While inside the plane, the unqualified chef was the one who attended to him, and he couldn’t eat the bad soup. All these got the minister tensed up, so he needed a medical checkup. The hospital he got to had the unqualified medical doctor he licenced. All these made the minister regret his act of corruption.

Itse Mirabel Ukubeyinje came up to explain to the participants that corruption is dishonest behaviour by those in positions of power. They were admonished as young ones to desist from corruption as it comes with consequences. Corruption comes in different forms. Some of these are; 

  • Abuse of fund
  • Promotion of personal interest
  • Collusion (granting preferences to individuals, conflict of interest)
  • Taking gifts to speed up problem-solving
  • Abuse of power (intimidation or torture).
  •  Extortion
  • Bribery
  • Theft and privatization of public resources and funds
  • Nepotism, favouritism
  • Examination malpractices
  • Protection and covering up events
  • Manipulation/falsification
  • Extortion e.t.c

They were admonished as young ones to desist from corruption as it comes with consequences such as 

Uwala Tedeye explained how it leads to

  • Lack of trust.
  • Imprisonment
  • Relieved of one position
  • Demoralizing
  • Poverty
  • Death E.t.c.

Key activities during the session 

  • Justice Affoh Tuoyo handled the anti-cult and drug abuse session.
  • Animated videos were projected.
  • Itsekiri Mirabel and Uwala Tedeye handled the corruption session

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