2023 Session 24 Report – Movie Day

  • Itsekiri NextGen Project: 2023 Session 24 Report – Movie Day
  • Date: 15th July 2023
  • Topic: Movie Day
  • Venue: Former Caravan 4, Aja-Pessu (Pessu Town), Warri
  • Volunteers Present: 5
  • Total Number of Attendees: 85
  • Timings: 10:00 am – 1:00pm
  • Main Activity: Movie Screening – “Queen of Katwe”
  • Resource Person: Itsekiri NextGen Team


On the 15th of July 2023, the Itsekiri NextGen Project organized an inspiring movie day for its participants. The chosen movie for the day was “Queen of Katwe,” which captivated everyone with its powerful message and moral lessons.

Session Highlights:

The event began with the enthusiastic arrival of the participants, eagerly anticipating the movie they were about to watch. After a collective opening prayer and singing of the Itsekiri anthem, the session started on a positive note.

A new volunteer, Roseline Bemigho Ugbeye, impressed everyone by leading the opening prayer. Emmanuel Egbe then recapped the previous session on Itsekiri culture, discussing the traditional Okparan and Kweke dressings and the occasions they are worn.

With excitement building up, the movie began. The attendees were fully engaged, not wanting to miss any moment of the inspiring two-hour film.

“Queen of Katwe” tells the story of Phiona, a 10-year-old girl living in the slums of Katwe, Uganda. Her life takes a remarkable turn when she encounters Robert Katende, a missionary who teaches chess to children. Through his guidance, Phiona becomes a skilled player and finds opportunities to escape poverty through her success in local and international chess competitions.

An hour into the movie, the coordinator took a moment to relate the film’s message to real-life struggles and challenges. The participants were encouraged to persevere, be bold, and leverage their strengths to progress in life.

As the movie progressed, the audience cheered for Phiona during her victories in local and international competitions. At the end of the film, they joyfully danced and celebrated alongside the characters as Phiona received an award.

After the movie, Roseline Ugbeye shared a brief summary and asked the participants to reflect on the moral lessons they learned. Some morals mentioned were never giving up, not being intimidated, showing courage, and being determined.

The participants were fascinated to discover that the movie was based on a true story, as the real-life characters were shown side by side with the actors during the credits.


  • Debi Amadedon
  • Emmanuel Egbe
  • Jolomi Tedeye
  • Emmanuel Fregene
  • Roselyn Ugbeye

What Went Wrong:

Nothing went wrong during the session; it was a successful and enjoyable event for everyone involved.

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