2023 Session 42 Report: Modern Day Slavery

  • Itsekiri NextGen Project: 2023 Session 42 Report
  • Topic: International Day for the Abolition of Modern-Day Slavery
  • Date: 2nd of December 2023
  • Volunteers Present: 5
  • Total Number of Attendees: 53
  • Timings: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
  • Venue: Former Caravan 4, Aja-Pessu (Pessu Town), Warri
  • Main Topic/Activity: Marking United Nations Day of the Abolition of Modern-Day Slavery
  • Resource Person: Team Itsekiri NextGen


On the 2nd of December, the Itsekiri NextGen community convened to mark the United Nations Day for the Abolition of Modern-Day Slavery, recognizing the various forms in which slavery persists today.

Session Delivery:

Emmanuel Egbe initiated the session, urging participants to settle down. The opening prayer and the Itsekiri anthem were led by two participants, setting the tone for the day.

Commending the active participation in the previous book review, Emmanuel also addressed the oversight of leaving the generator behind at the last session.

Roselyn Ugbeye introduced the day’s topic, prompting participants to define slavery. She elucidated the ‘Japa syndrome,’ illustrating how migration for low-paying jobs abroad can be a form of modern-day slavery.

Uwala Tedeye took the floor, providing a comprehensive definition of slavery as a situation of exploitation where individuals cannot refuse due to threats or force. Various forms of slavery were outlined, including forced labour, debt bondage, forced marriage, human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and forced recruitment of children for armed conflicts. Short dramas were enacted to illustrate each point.

Jolomi Tedeye shared a story from the Bible to explain debt bondage and visual aids such as photos of child labor and forced recruitment were presented. Debi Amadedon provided detailed explanations during the screening of a documentary on the historical slave trade.

Participants were encouraged to refrain from subjecting anyone to any form of slavery, both directly and indirectly. The session concluded with Omatsola Okpeayaghan, who tasked participants to write about their favourite session of the year, promising rewards for exemplary behaviour.


  • Debi Amadedon
  • Emmanuel Egbe
  • Roselyn Bemigho Ugbeye
  • Jolomi Tedeye
  • Omatsola Okpeayaghan

Other Key Activities During the Session:

Drama illustration of the forms of modern-day slavery.

What Went Right:

The session proceeded smoothly without any issues, fostering an insightful discussion on modern-day slavery and encouraging participants to reflect on their favourite sessions of the year as they would be presented at the end-of-year party.

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