Summary Report on Review of Goods and Services

  • Itsekiri NextGen Project: 2022 Session 10 Report
  • Topic: Review of Goods and Services 
  • Date: Saturday 19/03/2022 
  • Volunteers Present: 7
  • Total Number of Attendees: 78
  • Timings: 9:00am – 12:00pm
  • Venue: Former Caravan 4, Aji Pessu, Warri
  • Main Topic/Activity: Review of Goods and Services
  • Resource Person: Sholaye Edun


The session aligns with our economic mandate to spread, connect and support ideas. The participants were taught about and made to review everyday goods and services as potential entrepreneurs.

  • Teaching Children about goods and services

Session Delivery

The session began with a review of the last session. Sholaye Edun quickly recapped the topic of the legal profession and the role of judges from last week with participants.

The anchoring volunteer of the day; Sholaye Edun continued by explaining the benefit and potential impact of finding solutions to everyday problems in society e.g creating a way of collecting people's refuse for a token instead of indiscriminate dumping of refuse. Also, in a commercial or industrial area where people rarely get food to buy, someone can easily set up a restaurant or canteen there to solve the problem of access to food during lunch breaks.

The participants were asked to define goods and a boy defined it as an object that can be consumed or used e.g. biscuits, books, phones, bags of rice e.t.c. He defined services as actions or activities you do for people and get paid in return, e.g., the person making hair, cleaning the environment e.t.c. Each team was asked to mention one type of service. Team Ikenwoli mentioned making hair, team Atuwatse II mentioned teaching, team Ginuwa II mentioned Lawyer while team Erejuwa II, driving.

A slide with different goods and services was displayed to improve the understanding of the participants. As a result of this, the participants were tasked with distinguishing the goods and services from the images on the slides, and they did that correctly.

The participants were also informed that as an entrepreneur, a product will not always be for everybody but a target market. For example, the target market for popcorn is children and adults going to cinemas. The participants were asked what is the target market for shorts and trousers and they chorused fathers, boys and brothers. Also, if they intend to render services such as  washing of cars, who is the target market? They all chorused car owners. Girls and women are the target market for hairstylists.

Participants were made to mention likeable names they would intend to name their company. They made several name suggestions, but they were advised against using common names. This is because they may end up having issues registering the business if it has already been used by someone else. 

They were made to know that whatever business they are into and whatever service they render, customers should always be satisfied by it. It is good to listen to their complaints and be nice to them. This will make them return for more patronage.

A boy named Success told an example of how he experienced bad customer service from a bread seller. He was asked to get bread for dinner from a neighbourhood shop. On getting home, the bread was opened, and they noticed it was bad. The mum asked him to return the bread immediately but the seller refused to collect it, instead she accused him of exchanging the good one she sold to him with a bad one. They promised never to buy anything from her anymore.

Participants in each team were asked to review certain goods and services with a volunteer assigned to mentor them. Our guest volunteer Dede Ukubeyinje mentored team Erejuwa II as they were asked to review dry-cleaning business and self-service. Alagba Jolomi Praise represented his team by telling the disadvantages and advantages of using the dry cleaning services and doing it yourself. Advantages of doing it yourself  are; you get the clothes ready on time and spend less money by doing the laundry yourself. The disadvantages  are; you might damage the fabrics by using the wrong washing agent and washing clothes might sometimes be stressful.

The advantages of using the dry cleaner are; he is a professional and knows the right washing agent for each fabric. He will also use starch when needed, press the clothes properly and the clothes will come out beautiful at the end. He was asked which he prefers to use and he chose dry cleaner.

Team Ginuwa II was mentored by Itse Mirabel Ukubeyinje as they were made to review sliced bread and a local snack called kpokpomadiga. The team was ably represented by Success Tuedongheye who prefer kpokpomadiga because it doesn't contain sugar and Temitokpe Tuedon who prefers sliced bread because it is sweet, soft  and has butter. 

Team Ikenwoli was mentored by Eworitsemogha Wyse  and was represented by Mariam Aweni. She did a review on locally made palm kernel pomade and Vaseline. She prefers the locally made kernel pomade, as it brightens the skin colour and brings out our African beauty. It is cheap to get and easy to produce. Though it comes with some disadvantages which are; the smell and stains on clothes.

Team Atuwatse II was mentored by Emmanuel Fregene and was represented by Besife Etuwewe who prefers Capri Sun as it helps to fight against germs and diseases because of its constituent. He also likes the attractive packs. It is rich in vitamins and minerals. Kelvin Ithebalume prefers Bobo drink as it is sealed in a transparent container that is impenetrable by insects and long-lasting. It is loaded with vitamins that nourish the body.

Other key activities during the session

Participants borrowed books from the Itsekiri NextGen Library in preparation for our next session, focusing on Book Review.

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