Itsekiri NextGen

We work towards ensuring a better life for the next generation of Itsekiri young person.

About Us

Helping Itsekiri young people believe they are Valuable, Powerful and are change makers

The Itsekiri NextGen project is a brainchild of diaspora Itsekiris willing to improve outcomes for Itsekiri students. In order to improve the opportunities available to future Itsekiri graduates, we have decided to initiate the project to mentor Itsekiri students in secondary schools, starting with Pessu community as a pilot project before expanding to other communities within Warri Kingdom.

All kids need is a little help, a little hope and somebody who believes in them.
Magic Johnson
Basketball Legend

Our Vision

To positively transform one Itsekiri youngster at a time!


Leadership Mandate

To develop the next generation of Itsekiri leaders!

Digital mandate

Bridging the digital gap between Itsekiris of Iwereland and the world Bringing the world closer to home!


To spread Ideas! Connect and support Ideas!

Social and cultural Mandate

Nurture the best of community spirit in Iwereland – one child… one household… and one community at a time! Inspire and preserve the best of Itsekiri values and traditions… one generation at a time!

literary MANDATE

To inspire the love for reading in Iwereland… One community at a time! To open the door of opportunities through the pages of books!

Our impact
Influencing the way our young people, their families, our team and the community think and act towards a better Warri Kingdom.


Participants would be able to achieve improved academic performance. 

Participants would be able to build healthier relationships with their parents, teachers, peers and siblings. As a result of this, they would be empowered to make better lifestyle choices. 

Out of school participants would be encouraged to enrol back in school and this will help to reverse the current trend of students dropping out of school.

As a result of regularly feeling good about themselves, participants will be expected to have enhanced self-esteem and self-confidence. These are essential qualities for aspiring leaders. 

The ugly trend of drug and alcohol misuse will be reduced when participants regularly learn about the dangers and consequences of drug and alcohol abuse. 

As a result of improved interpersonal skills, the participants would be encouraged to show genuine interest when exchanging information with others. This would stand them in good stead as aspiring leaders.